Precedent Presentation – Analysis of an interactive design


The interactive design precedent I have chosen is Lauren Welshans “Oragami A How To”. This can be viewed at:

This interactive is about origami. It offers origami information, instructions and ideas. It appears to be intended for those interested in the craft enough to engage in it. This interactive both expects users to know and involves very basic navigation including button clicking and scroll bars. The interface is quite simple having buttons to navigate to different pages and sections.

It also involves a scroll bar for moving through instructions. Visually the interactive is quite simple. Taking up the majority of the space is section content. This space contains instructions or text complemented by a decorative image. Colour is used for some text including blue for important titles and red to indicate the current page. The rest of the navigational area is simply white with the interactive’s logo in the top left.

What I could suggest as an improvement is turning this into a more visually striking yet still simplistic website. Such a site should utilize seamless mouse wheel scrolling for simpler navigation. I would also suggest this site be larger both in content amount and page space use.


Lauren Keller Welshans. 2009. Origami A How To. Retrieved 26/02/17 from




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