Week 6 Lecture: User Scenarios

This weeks lecture was an introduction to user scenarios. This lecture also features an example of a user persona being applied to a scenario.

User Scenarios are basically stories that personas go through. They help designers:

  • predict user interaction and their problem solving methods
  • understand what users want when trying to complete tasks in your interactive/site
  • have at least a visual representation of the problem
  • test a site’s structure during development and deal with problems

Scenarios should also at least outline the: who? what? when? where? why? and how in terms of usage.

Lecture 6 img 2.png

The image above is from later in the lecture and describes what a scenario is. I’ve put it here because it feel more fitting here.

The next notable and largest part of the lecture is a scenario example by Cooper Design. Lecture 6 img 1.pngLecture 6 img 3.png

The images above defines the persona of Angela and the scenario she is put in.

Lecture 6 img 4.pngThe image above go through the steps that Angela would hypothetically go through being:

  1. Disembarking the plane and look at the airport map downloaded to her PDA for her favourite coffee shop.
  2. Guide shows coffee shop location indicated by landmarks.
  3. Angela follows guide directions and successfully finds the coffee shop where she orders a Latte.
  4. Angela now looks at her guide for directions to the gate for a connecting flight and follows them.
  5. Angela arrives at gate with plenty of time to spare.

Lecture 6 img 5.pngThe image above shows the final solution for the problem.

Reflection/The Most Important Point

What I perceived to be the most important point of this lecture was the last one. This point was that this example may somewhat be outdated but, it is important to understand the process a persona and context to work a design.


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