Week 3 Project Group Critique

Last week we presented our project ideas to a group for a critique. The idea for my project was puzzle game that could teach game development to high school level audience. Here is what I got out of the session:

  • The layout and visuals need to be kept simple. This is because game development is a highly complex field to many but should not be made to feel as such.
  • Navigation will be very important and should be implemented in as many ways and places as necessary.
  • Feedback popups should show up where possible to indicate feedback about user actions or progress.
  • This game can make this subject area fun to learn.
  • This is a unique idea that has not really been explored in any games.

Week 3 Lecture: Design Patterns

This week’s lecture is an introduction to the idea of design patterns for screens. This lecture addresses patterns used for mobile, desktop and laptop devices with a focus on desktop.

Firstly are a few notes:

  • Mobile design issues are very different to desktop design issues.
  • It is easier to design a mobile screen first and then have it adapter to larger screens.
  • Responsive design has resulted in similar looking and functioning websites.

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