Week 7 Lecture: UI Visual Design Patterns

This week’s lecture was about UI Visual Design Patterns. UI design is about presenting the user with the right tools to achieve their goals. It is also about providing:

  • as much effortless interactivity as possible
  • a good user experience or UX
  • balancing these elements with aesthetics and graphics

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Week 6 Lecture: User Scenarios

This weeks lecture was an introduction to user scenarios. This lecture also features an example of a user persona being applied to a scenario.

User Scenarios are basically stories that personas go through. They help designers:

  • predict user interaction and their problem solving methods
  • understand what users want when trying to complete tasks in your interactive/site
  • have at least a visual representation of the problem
  • test a site’s structure during development and deal with problems

Scenarios should also at least outline the: who? what? when? where? why? and how in terms of usage.

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Week 3 Lecture: Design Patterns

This week’s lecture is an introduction to the idea of design patterns for screens. This lecture addresses patterns used for mobile, desktop and laptop devices with a focus on desktop.

Firstly are a few notes:

  • Mobile design issues are very different to desktop design issues.
  • It is easier to design a mobile screen first and then have it adapter to larger screens.
  • Responsive design has resulted in similar looking and functioning websites.

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